Seasons Change

Yesterday I was listening to Rick Warren (The Purpose Driven Life author) on the radio who just happened to be discussing the several seasons of life. If you’ve read my blog in the past, you know that I’ve continued to struggle with the knowledge that I’m in my mid-40’s and don’t have what I’d call a “solid career”.  What if something happens to my husband? How are we going to pay for college? Who can afford the cost of a new mattress these days? So, I regularly peek at job opportunities, but whenever I’m presented with what I think might be the perfect career choice, being full time Mom always trumps the 45-hour work week. I don’t mind the hours; I just need to be home by 4pm! Needless to say, my request to start work at 7am isn’t appealing to most employers.  Ecclesiastes says, “there is a season to work”, and I am fortunate to be able to work around my kids schedules with the exact part time job I already have.

After another long interview process, and another full time job offer that I gratefully declined, I’ve come to the realization that with the remaining season that my teenagers are home before college (the oldest two-twins-are Juniors in high school), I’m unwilling to work during their after school sports times.  While that sounds great, living out the reality of less in the bank is always an inward battle for me. So, I’m practicing gratitude for what I have, and reminding myself that this season of daily parenting is fleeting. Several Moms of college kids tell me that often.

November is a special month for the obvious reason that we think about gratitude perhaps a little more than normal. It’s also very brisk outside, dark at dinner time (beginning Sunday), and the beautiful leaves are grounded, leaving barren branches.  We’re looking for comfort foods, and like it or not, the stores are filled with Christmas decorations, nudging us into lists and preparations. This is definitely a new season by the weather and the anticipation of the holidays.

PS: You’ll notice that “Tummy Tuesdays” have been replaced by simply “Recipes”. I’ll post a recipe occasionally, but no longer every Tuesday.

Thanks for reading my rambling after a couple-week absence, and I sincerely wish you a truly blessed month of gratitude!