Lily of the Valley

Normally, I’m not appreciative enough of our Lily of the Valley. This year, for no reason in particular, I’ve really been enjoying it.

It’s a sizable patch located outside our back door and the joke at my house is, “you can’t kill it”. I’ve tried. The section of the Lily of the Valley is in a peculiar location near our hose. I’m always yanking the hose through the leaves and the last three years I’ve decided to replace the Lily of the Valley with concrete to better accommodate the hose. Of course, I never got around to this and left the patch of green.

Three years in a row, I’ve pulled the stuff out by the roots (so I thought). But each subsequent year, that patch has returned as hearty as ever. 

Right now, it’s beautiful and fragrant. I love very fragrant flowers so every time I go into the back door, it’s a blessing! Once the white flowers are gone, it’s just a green patch of very strong leaves.

This year, I have a new appreciation for our little section of Lily of the Valley. 

Small Signs of Spring

This mornings air is 44-degrees crisp, the sky is gray and the smell of cold rain through my cracked kitchen window makes me want to bake an apple pie. It feels like a lovely October day (sigh). While I love autumn, we northeasterners are craving warmth. Having traveled to a few different states in the last four weeks, God forgive me but I’m quite envious of every state south of New York. Even our close neighbors in Pennsylvania have far more life growing from the ground and trees than we do.

While Spring is still struggling, some welcome greens and sprouting flowers give hope that warmth is on the way. Even those pesky dandelions are giving me reason to smile this May day.