Color Inside…Cold Outside

While our temperatures have remained in the 40’s with sun only one day 😦 in a week, my family brightened Mother’s Day with these several flowers that I’m still enjoying! We had friends over on Sunday as well, who spoiled me too with these lovely colors.

Oh yes, and my kids know how to reach their Mama’s heart….sponge candy!

Great Gift Idea: Pillowcases!

If I can make these, anyone can!  I haven’t sewn in 20 years, but another Mom was recently making this “Holiday Pillow Cases Set” for her nephew, and I just had to try it for my Godson. (Directions located at the end of the post.)

My Godson’s set contains: Memorial Day/4th of July; Halloween; Easter; St. Patrick’s Day; Valentine’s Day; and, Christmas.IMG_1326This one serves as Memorial Day and 4th of July:

IMG_1219IMG_1217IMG_1325My very talented 16-year old daughter took it one step further by adding an embellishment to the pillowcase:  IMG_1109Choose which directions are easiest for you:  Google Docs  The Cottage Home