Grateful for the Few Remaining Drive-Ins!

It’s remained an annual tradition with my family of five. With 22 yr. old twins and a 20 yr. old (along with 10 others we invited this summer), we again drove over an hour to our favorite drive-in for a night of family fun. It’s something that we all look forward to and it never gets old.

Over the years, we have brought the kids friends, our friends, and whoever happened to be around our house during the summers.  Coolers packed, popcorn popped and boxes of candy fill our vehicles!

It’s quite a drive, but the views on the way are beautiful farm lands.

Back in the 1950’s, there were around 4,000 drive-ins around the country. Today, only 330 remain open.

Although you can see I took a photo of the lot full of car stand speakers, the majority of drive-ins now use FM radio to broadcast sound. We use the radio but still enjoy hearing the speakers too!

We were early enough this year that I could photograph the screen and parking lot while still empty, but the place fills up quickly. The crowded lots give me hope that this cool summer activity will remain around for a few more years.

Interested in drive-in fun facts and history? Check out this site that I used for the few facts presented in this post:

Drive-In Popcorn Mix!


Tummy Tuesday is in honor of going to the Drive-In this weekend!  We are grateful that one, fun, Drive-In remains in our local area.  They recently renovated it to reflect the “old time” traditions and the kids love the experience.  As teenagers, they still think watching the hot dog jump into the bun is the neatest thing! Click the above  image to watch it!


32 ounces of popped popcorn;        1 lb. white or milk chocolate melting wafers;   1/2 cup honey roasted peanuts;      3/4 cup mini Reece’s Pieces;                              1/2 cup of M&Ms;   waxed paper;   Kosher salt


Melt chocolate and pour over popcorn in a large mixing bowl. Stir to cover all popcorn.  This amount of chocolate provides a very heavy coating to the popcorn.  Add peanuts, Reece’s Pieces and M&Ms.  Coat all ingredients carefully.  Pour mixture onto waxed paper, spread mixture out into a single layer.  Sprinkle Kosher salt lightly over mix.  Once the chocolate hardens, break up, and place into a covered storage container, gift jars, or zip lock snack bags. Tips: add marshmallows, use peanut M&Ms or any other candy pieces. Delete nuts as needed for allergies.  Use red/green for Christmas; yellow/orange for Halloween (adding candy corn is yummy)!