About This Mama Duck…

Well, first, the “duck” title is a metaphor for being the leader of my nest (a home on a few acres of land that is in need of updating but with three ducks in college, we’re keeping the outdated kitchen!). The duck metaphor also represents the protector of the babies even if they are now 20, 21 and 21 respectively (did you see this back in April?). Ok, she’s technically a goose but wow, that’s a mad Mama! Apparently, this high school golfer walked too close to her nest! (Click image for goose story.)This Mama Duck is the food-hunter…The food-preparer…(click cone image)And all things home, family and faith. Oh yeah, I’m also an adjunct professor who is looking for a new career now that the baby duck moved to college last month (sniff sniff). This blog was started back in 2013. I took a hiatus from early 2017 until now. Much of the writing over the years was Mama-stuff that was sometimes serious but usually humorous or lighter-hearted. Life got a little harder in the last couple years and so did my heart, so I stopped posting. I didn’t think readers would be interested in the cynical, often depressing writings that were building up in my hard drive (the computer, not my heart…that is softening).

But, I will… maybe… eventually…post a few of the more miserable writings lingering around my office. Why? Well, I’ve been paying close attention in recent years to other 40-and-50-something year old Mama ducks and they too feel a bit confused, angry, struggle with the inequality of it all, wondering how it didn’t turn out quite as expected considering the insane amount of work and sacrifice that went into many relationships, jobs and situations. (Click image for earlier article.)That said, this Mama Duck follows Jesus. It’s shameful how ungrateful I can be when I start questioning God about what I don’t have, didn’t get, haven’t achieved, when I’ve been blessed so much. The cycle goes a bit like this: Injustice makes me mad. I tell God about it. I don’t always act Christ-like when I’m in these fits. I question Him. I get miffed (more on that later…don’t send mean comments…I love the Lord 🙂 ). I have gathered a few writings about wrestling with God….trying to reconcile His love and holiness with the depravity of the world (yes, I’m already highly familiar with the common Christian responses to this issue).  Ultimately, after spiraling through my questions, I end up in the same place: He is Him. I am not. He is the parent. I am the child. He is sovereign. It’s not about me. It’s about those He puts in my path, my church, my heart. It’s about Him. I am a student of His Word and have been serious about my faith-walk for over 20 years. (Click image for earlier article.)Some of the more popular past posts can be found under “Popular Posts” in the header above.

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Thank you for checking out my blog. I look forward to reading your writings and thank you for reading mine!


The Curiosities of Blogging

I’ve learned so much about blogging in the last year! Two of my favorite things are:

1) Reading posts and comments of other parents. Your stories have made me laugh out loud at my computer and others have made me cry.

2) The online fellowship with other believers in Jesus Christ. I love reading your blogs about real-life and how God sustains you in this crazy world. I live in an excruciatingly liberal state (NY), so your blogs are refreshment. The type of work I have been doing of late is 100% remote from my home office, which also makes your stories and experiences feel like good company!

Thank you for reading, commenting, and thanks for sharing your own life so candidly in your writings. I’ve learned so much from you.

I thank my God every time I remember you. Phil 1:3 NET

One year ago today – my first post:

Exposing Myself

I admire those who write blogs and honestly share their life story as they travel through their journey… perspectives from their past, present, and their hopes for the future.  Blogging often means exposing your true self – even if the “true self” lingers only for that particular day – and exposing ourselves takes courage.  While I’m low on bravery, I’m going for it anyway…. welcome to my blog.

This blog is a hodge-podge of my life happenings.  There is no consistent theme, order or rhythm.  In my fantasy life, it would have all three!  Here are my thoughts and experiences, written just as I am, where I’m at on this journey.