An Icy Find

It was a long day at the office and I just wanted a few minutes outdoors at the park – even if it was only 18 degrees. So, I drove to my snowy park, put on a hat and stepped outside my vehicle.

The cold air hit my face hard. “If I walk fast”, I told myself, “I’ll be fine”.

It was frigid, but it was do-able once I got moving. Pink and blue hues filled the sky and grateful tears gathered at the corners of my eyes. The craziness of the workday melted away. I lasted about 15 minutes before starting back toward my car. On the way, I looked over at the baseball dugout, my attention captured by the rock solid ice reflecting the sunset through the wire.Getting close to the fence would require trekking through six inches of snow on the path, but it looked worth the jaunt. It was.I pulled out my phone and took these wintery photos. Though I arrived at the park depleted, I was refreshed by the crisp air, beautiful sky and this icy find.