Impromptu Bonfire🔥

When I arrived home after an 11-hour day at work last week, my husband was burning wood he had recently chopped in the back of our land. The fire looked so inviting, I ate dinner, went back outside and sat by the flames, still in my work clothes. My oldest daughter said she was happy to see me sitting still and relaxing.

Then she announced, “I’m going to make you a drink!” I laughed, since I don’t drink unless it’s wine on a holiday. She said, “Mom, you’ve had a long day and you’re stressed. Live a little!”😄 That is her hand holding the cocktail she chose to make for us – a chocolate martini.

She looked up “drinks to make with items already in your house”. It really was more like dessert! Quite unexpectedly, we sat for three hours doing nothing but watching the fire dance and the moon journey across the sky.

My youngest daughter came out when my older one went in to shower. Her and I marveled at the moon, its power over the ocean tides, and laughed at how fast we were spinning on Earth around that white light, though we sat stationary on our lawn chairs.

Thankfully, I did not have to work the following day or I wouldn’t have afforded myself the luxury of sitting there for so long. It was a peaceful, early-summer break from the weekday routine.

17 thoughts on “Impromptu Bonfire🔥

  1. A bonfire is lovely on a warm night! You can appreciate the dancing flames and the mosquitos are not an issue because of the smoke and heat! So good that you were able to enjoy quality time with both daughters!

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  2. I love it! You have a very thoughtful daughter. I am so glad you allowd yourself the luxury of just enjoying the evening like that. Thank you for sharing it. The fire is certainly inviting. And the chocolate martinis look scrumptious. Were they?

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  3. That was a great way to de-stress! There’s something so mesmerizing about sitting by a fire on a cool, summer or autumn night. We used to do that a lot. Just recently, my hubby fixed up our old fire ring so we’re looking forward to sitting around the fire again soon.

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    • We too had forgotten how relaxing it is. We’ve had three more fires since last week! Enjoy the upcoming evenings sitting around your newly renovated fire ring!

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  4. I’m so glad you had this little mini-vacation of mind and body in your own backyard. What a wonderful combination of fire, moon, and night sky with a loving daughter who recognizes your need to rest.

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