“Mini Holidays” Help Us Celebrate Life and Keep Us Moving Forward

We tend to prioritize Christmas, Easter and Independence Day over holidays that we don’t get off work or school, such as the upcoming Valentine’s Day.

Rightly so. When we’re celebrating our country or our God, such holidays should take precedence.See the source imageAlthough many grumble about the so-called “Hallmark Holidays” – those that we spend on but keep working through – I fully embrace them. I’ll even put up a few decorations, albeit nothing like the winter wonderlands we all erect for Christmas. I like the little joys the mini-holidays bring.

I forgot this truth about myself as I grumpily walked through a store the week after Christmas.

Wandering the aisles on December 28th, I saw the line up of Valentine’s, a few Shamrocks and a couple of cotton tails. Although I admittedly grunted out loud because I couldn’t locate clearance Christmas wrap, I quickly shrugged off my silly disappointment and embraced the idea of moving forward.See the source image

Momentarily mesmerized by the glittery Valentine cards, I thought of my friend who we lost three years ago. The month before she met Jesus, she was talking about the trip we were about to go on together. It was her entire family of about 15 and us closest friends and our families, totaling around 27 for a week in the Outer Banks. As we finalized a few details, she looked at me solemnly and said, “I’m afraid that when we get back from this trip, I will decline rapidly…I’m looking forward to this but realistically, I probably won’t make it to Christmas.” She was thinking about the next big celebration. The anticipated vacation to North Carolina had kept her moving forward.

That was in June. She passed away in July, shortly after we all returned from that final trip together.

I don’t know why my mind goes to such deep places so quickly while merely rummaging through pretty things at a store🤔, but it gave me perspective. Retailers prematurely stocking shelves for holidays that don’t happen for months is a silly thing to grunt about. These little holidays keep us moving forward. Nothing wrong with spending a few short minutes staring at a sea of sparkling red in one aisle, green in the next and happy, fuzzy bunnies in the third aisle. We can enjoy a little pretty inside stores and our homes when the world outside is sometimes ugly.

I agree that the constant “too-early” merchandise displays are annoying and if we let them, they can rob us of living and enjoying the moment or truly, completely enjoying whatever holiday season it may be. I resist the retailers’ psychological ploy intended to create urgency that we “better get the stuff now” – 2 months ahead of time – when what we have stored in the basement is no doubt already more than we need.

However, I choose to buy candy hearts and expensive chocolates for my February 14th kitchen table, rejoicing that I have people to love and spoil. I put up shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day and decorate for Easter with the holy reminders along with big, stuffed bunnies. Who doesn’t feel better after squishing a soft, cuddly bunny? 🙂

The Superbowl tomorrow, MLB kickoff in March, NHL playoffs after that…these too give our families reasons to gather and eat and celebrate life. Some may scoff, but if such celebrations bring a little joy amidst the mundane and routine, why not?See the source image

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20 thoughts on ““Mini Holidays” Help Us Celebrate Life and Keep Us Moving Forward

  1. Thank you for putting those “too early” holiday displays in perspective for me. I tend to gripe about rushing the seasons/holidays, but truly you’re right, it keeps us moving forward. So why gripe? Just enjoy each moment as it comes because we don’t know how many more moments we may have.

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    • I’ve griped too! This past December I worked so much and my youngest couldn’t fly home from college until mid-month. By the time Christmas week finally arrived, I wanted it all to last longer🎄.


  2. Your post reminded me of something that we did when our daughters were little. We always made a cherry pie (for the mythical cherry tree) for George Washington’s birthday. They loved it! 🙂

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    • What a wonderful idea! It’s special to celebrate and I’m sure your daughters still remember that.**I apologize for the delay in responding…your comment was not in my comments list until today!!! So frustrating!


  3. Thank you for this meaningful perspective on celebrations. Your story of your friend is a sad one, but how wonderful that you have memories of your special trip together and that she got to enjoy it. We should all celebrate the little things and make them special. I did it constantly while teaching elementary school. I need to focus in retirement on restoring a little zing into my life!

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    • It’s so fun with elementary school aged children to celebrate every little holiday event and season change. There’s always a little craft or a little something to do and that age group knows how to grab hold of life and truly enjoy it! I hope you can find a little more of that in your retirement💕.

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  4. February was party time for Joe and me as we celebrated both our birthdays in addition to Valentine’s Day. I believe we do not celebrate enough in this country as we are too busy with life to take time and celebrate the big and small blessings from God.

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  5. Indeed, why not! Thanks for giving me s happier and broader perspective on a subject I often grumble about. Happy Souper Bowl Sunday … our church always serves soup for fellowship on “Souper Bowl” Sunday.

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  6. I don’t like Valentine’s Day because everyone is out there talking about how great love is and how anyone can find love because it’s so beautiful and happy and stuff, and it just makes me feel like there must be something so wrong with me that I would be such a hideous monster that I can’t experience that kind of love. And if you really love someone, you should be showing them every day.

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