Monday Gratitude

Counting today, there are only 11 days until Thanksgiving.

Merry Christmas.

We have had temps in the teens and 20’s with a full blanket of snow on the ground for over a week.

The winter weather makes it easy to forget about Thanksgiving and move right into Christmas. Even if we’re able to ignore the wreaths that went up in stores promptly after school started in September, it’s tempting to bypass this one day we devote to gratitude.

I’ve started Christmas shopping, recording Hallmark movies and making lists. I love the sparkly, glittering decorations in my town and in the stores just as much as the next girl. Yet, I’m taking the time to slow my roll and literally count my blessings. When I struggled to clear my mind to sleep the other night, I started thanking God for blessings one by one. Gratitude worked better than melatonin.

I wish you peace in the remaining days until we celebrate God’s good gifts with food, friends, family and football. And may that peace reign in your life throughout the extensive birthday party preparations for the Prince of Peace Himself.

And let the peace that comes from Christ rule in your hearts. For as members of one body you are called to live in peace. And always be thankful.

Colossians 3:15 NLT

14 thoughts on “Monday Gratitude

  1. I love Christmas BUT I really dislike how we just gloss over Thanksgiving. I’ve been railing about that for a long time and each year it seems the Christmas chaos starts earlier and earlier. I think we should have a SEASON of Thanksgiving not just a day to be grateful for all our blessings before we enter into the holy season of celebrating Christ’s birth (although I wonder how many folks really do that!).

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    • Like you I wonder who is thinking about Jesus during Christmas. I love your idea of a “season” of Thanksgiving. I think Halloween beats gratitude every time. Forbes predicted $8.8 BILLION to be spent on Halloween this year. Can’t imagine “Thanksgiving spending” is anywhere near that.


      • I just can’t understand all the hoopla and spending for Halloween either. I’m sure Thanksgiving doesn’t even rank much on the spending graph. I didn’t do it this year, but for a couple of years I wrote blog posts every day in November about things I was grateful for. It was my season of Thanksgiving. And I need to do it once more — probably not just in November!

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  2. I loved this post. It would be so much better if we could enjoy Thanksgiving before the frenzy of Christmas. You’ve done it right — taking time for thanks. We will join you. We will also have family, food, and friends for Thanksgiving, only we’ll skip the football. Maybe we’ll just substitute fun. I hope you have a marvelous Thanksgiving. I’m giving thanks for you, a favorite blogging friend.

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    • ☺️Thank you for the kind comments. I don’t want to be so all-consumed with planning and prepping for any holiday to the point that I miss what’s most important. I think someone wrote once that such days are “holi” (holy) – days and should be treated as such!🦃🎄

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  3. I’m with you and Mr. Tom Turkey! Wait your turn, Santa. This is the mnth devoted to Thanks and Kindness. Be thoughtful… and kind… and wait your turn while you focus on your many blessings! (Meantime, making lists, recording Hallmark movies, gathering your carols, and starting your Christmas gift shopping is a good idea. It’ll reduce the December stress so you can enjoy the Christ Child’s birthday party!

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