This beauty caught my attention walking into the bookstore at my daughter’s university in Virginia a couple weeks ago. Here in NY, a layer of frost had already covered our lawn. In Virginia, these flowers were still in bloom despite the orange leaves falling from the trees.The Farmer’s Almanac (along with a few other sites I researched) reports that these Monarch beauties only survive 2-3 weeks after hatching from their chrysalis, yet discuss the 2,500-3,000mile migration from the North to Mexico and California beginning in October. I wonder how many actually make the trip since their life span is so short…?“Monarch butterflies travel as much as 100 miles a day during its 3,000-mile migration south. During its migration, each butterfly relies on the huge volume of food it ate when it was a caterpillar for fuel.” –

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  1. Beautiful photos!
    I found this on National Geographic’s site:
    “Interestingly, the waves of monarchs heading north will complete their entire life cycles in just five to seven weeks each,” says Jaramillo-López.

    “But when fall rolls around again, a special ‘super generation’ of monarchs that can live up to eight months will make use of air currents to wing all the way back to Mexico.”
    Isn’t that interesting?!
    Here’s that web address:

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  2. This migration is a big tourist attraction in Michoacán, the state I live in. I’ve been to the mountainous area where they gather, but not while they are there. Your pictures are beautiful; you certainly captured a special moment in time!

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