Baking Brings Calm. Order. Completion.

See the source imageI made cookies over the weekend. Although there were plenty of tasks I “should have” done instead, I needed to do something that made me feel normal, creative… and – in the end – something was accomplished that was visible and complete. I went so far as to arrange the cookies in straight lines, lining them up one against the other as if the tray would be photographed for Gourmet magazine. I did this to visually experience “order” because last week at work was so very out of order.

Someone recently said they prefer cooking to baking because it isn’t exact whereas baking requires precise measurements. I never gave thought to baking being precise. That made me think of the other activities I consider hobbies or relaxing activities: Target shooting. Organizing. Labeling boxes in the basement. Straightening photos on the wall…

There seems to be a theme😄.

While the stunning galaxy we dwell in has astonishing order, earthly day-to-day existence is often disorderly. Utterly chaotic. Stressful. Unpredictable.See the source imageSometimes I need to sit and look at an established, tall tree. Immovable. Rooted under the ground for a half mile in either direction. Gentle flow of leaves slightly shimmering while the trunk leads to deep roots that spread a half mile in either direction. Beautiful. Strong. Sometimes I stare up at the constellations. My spirit needs reminder that He’s got this. In the midst of disorder, there is astounding order in the galaxies.

These feelings make me think of the song Symphony by Switch…

“‘Cause even in the madness
There is peace
Drowning out the voices all around me
Through all of this chaos
You are writing a symphony
A symphony…

You’ll never let me drown
I know that my hope is found
In the name of Jesus…”

Sometimes I just need to bake. Exact. Visually appealing. Delicious. It has a start that provides a satisfying conclusion in a relatively short amount of time – unlike endless work projects. The finished product gives satisfaction. I feel like something was accomplished. It brings joy.

While the cookies below are the ones I made…I did in fact, alter the recipe. Yes, baking is more exact than cooking but I still tend to make baking recipes my own! To this recipe, I always add a handful of mini chocolate chips, eliminate the walnuts and add 1 cup of butterscotch morsels.


17 thoughts on “Baking Brings Calm. Order. Completion.

  1. Insightful thoughts on your response to chaos. It’s nice to know others react to disorder and seek creative outlets. Our creativity is God given. We are made in the image of God, and all you have to do is look around to see His creativity!

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  2. Darn, the video on YouTube was unavailable. But your recipe (w alterations) sounds yummy and the cookies look delicious. I need to bake those today. Thanks for sharing. Also, I enjoyed your analogy of the tree – tall, stable, rooted. And the comparison of cooking to baking. ‘Tis true … and is exactly why I like cooking best. Exactness is not my gift and your list of relaxing things to do sound like hard work to me. Thank God He gave us each our own unique gifts, huh?

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  3. I agree with you – baking brings calm, order and peace to me and I love it! I also always put my own twist on whatever I am baking. Your cookies look fabulous and delicious! And that is one of my favorite songs. Thanks for the perfect reminder to put on my praise music and bake today ❤

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  4. Sometimes, doing what’s good for your soul is a necessary thing. Good for you altering the recipe. It’s important to be authentic when creating. I’m sure they were delicious.

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