I’m No Fan of Spiders But…


  I strolled outside at 5:15AM the other morning and noticed this between the chains on our swing set. God gives even the spiders extraordinary creative gifts.

33 thoughts on “I’m No Fan of Spiders But…

  1. Spiders and their webs are so beautiful. I capture spiders and take them outside, but I do scream like a girl when I lose control of the situation! Some of those boogers are fast and clever!

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  2. I don’t like spiders either, but I can’t deny that I am fascinated by the web’s they weave. It’s like they make their own art! So pretty, especially with the drops of dew. Great pictures!

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  3. It’s amazing what beauty there is in the world! I love the closeup of the water droplets. God is everywhere, from the vastness of the universe to the tiniest of spider webs. I bet it’s a morning you won’t soon forget.

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