Small Signs of Spring

This mornings air is 44-degrees crisp, the sky is gray and the smell of cold rain through my cracked kitchen window makes me want to bake an apple pie. It feels like a lovely October day (sigh). While I love autumn, we northeasterners are craving warmth. Having traveled to a few different states in the last four weeks, God forgive me but I’m quite envious of every state south of New York. Even our close neighbors in Pennsylvania have far more life growing from the ground and trees than we do.

While Spring is still struggling, some welcome greens and sprouting flowers give hope that warmth is on the way. Even those pesky dandelions are giving me reason to smile this May day.


29 thoughts on “Small Signs of Spring

  1. Thank you for sharing your glimpses of spring. In central Ohio, we are beginning to feel more like spring, but a few mornings ago, I was dressed in layers, wearing a stocking cap, and keeping my hands warm in gloves while enjoying a pre-dawn walk.

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  2. I so identify with your blues, Mama Duck. It’s a cold, rainy day here again in the MIdwest. Just when I thought we didn’t need to take some pots of annuals inside anymore and I thought it was safe to plant some annuals yesterday. Now tonight my husband is going to have to cover them. 😦 Thank you for the beautiful photos that give hope. 🙂 I needed that today! Love and blessing to you!

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    • One nice day and I’m sure you were so excited planting those first flowers. I stored away our winter boots only to retrieve them soon after😕. Hope your plants recover nicely🌸.

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  3. Beautiful! 🌷Sadly it’s all grey and cold and rainy here in my corner of the UK, and I think even the flowers are giving up now. Fingers crossed spring comes back and summer isn’t far away. xx

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