VA vs. NY Weather

Virginia Wins!

Being in Virginia last weekend was awesome for many reasons. A real bonus was the weather. Warmth, sun and Spring blossoms everywhere were glorious. We came home to snow…seen in the final photos. Ick.


19 thoughts on “VA vs. NY Weather

  1. Thanks for sharing those colorful photos! I needed them!! When one of our kids played elite soccer, we went to a weekend tournament in Virginia in March and I didn’t want to come back home! Couldn’t believe that just a few hours south of us spring had arrived in all its glory while it was freezing cold and drab back home.

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    • I really connected with your article about our current weather in the Northeast stifling your creativity. It was truly a joy to see color and feel warmth and blue sky in VA – as you remember from the soccer days!⚽️

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