Our Blog Writing Reflects Our Many Characteristics

My youngest called from college, distressed about boy #1 talking to boy #2 on her behalf. She did not approve. She believes that any young man worth dating in the future would need to personally get to know her – through her.

The conversation progressed into fully analyzing the words boy #1 used to describe her to boy #2. She disagreed with one of the adjectives.

My daughter’s voice elevated. “Am I like that? What does that even mean?” She thought it may have a negative connotation which in her case, would be impossible. No, I’m not just wearing Mom-goggles. That child was the easy teenager…her siblings view her as annoyingly good.

I tried to make a joke because gosh, it was all positive and she was just being a 20-yr. old. But, she wasn’t having it. After all, she really does like boy #2 and was highly concerned about the chosen adjective. Ultimately, after discussing the various meanings of said word, my daughter concluded, “I am many things…I live life to the fullest and I laugh a lot. I think quite a few different adjectives would be used to describe every individual girl.” True. But most girls would have giggled. My girl gave me an analysis!

That got me thinking about words, sentences and adjectives…

Later that evening, I was reading through blog posts from several of you incredible writers. I was suddenly noticing the array of candor, personality and diversity of posts…within the same blog. While most blogs have one strong theme, individual posts reflect several different moods, tones, frustrations, interests and joys. My own blog included. The content evolves over time. In a word, the diverse writings echo our lives.

Poets who insert periodic posts about family happenings.
Photographers who sometimes tell short stories.
Blogs devoted to depression but also include occasional bright happenings.
Inspirational quote sites that sporadically contain fiction excerpts.

Although often our own worst critic, as writers we have something of value to offer. We care about “words” and spend considerable time trying to determine the best ones to convey our meaning. Ultimately, we do the best we can with the time we have to post something thoughtful or thought-provoking or entertaining or just plain ‘ol pretty to look at. No matter what we write, it often encompasses many different adjectives which ultimately convey the many different aspects of our lives.

18 thoughts on “Our Blog Writing Reflects Our Many Characteristics

  1. What an interesting, thought-provoking blog. Before I got into reviews, my blogs tended to be all over the place. It still is somewhat. However, I try to make it meaningful and relevant, either to what is going on in my life or outside of my sphere,
    Your daughter sounds a lot like my oldest!!! She pretty much overanalyzes everything. But…for her, it works!

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    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. I really appreciate knowing that posting very diverse thoughts, moods and experiences can appeal to others and that they can relate. I envy all the books you read! Moving into reviews was a great evolution of your own blog! My daughter gets the over-analytical mind from her mother:). Thankfully, she is better at having fun and being a bit more carefree than me, thank God!! Hope your daughter is too! It’s good to balance. God bless you too!

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      • You are so welcome! I enjoy your blog so much. It really helps to see other veiwpoints, along with the touches of your personality expressed in thoughts and moods. (That sounds more pompus than I mean it to, but not quite sure how else to explain what I mean-but I don’t mean it in a pompus way.)
        I have slowed down a lot on my reading, I was reading over 300 books a year. Since my accident last year, and surgery the year before, I’m only reading about 100 a year. I do the majority of my reading late at night as I don’t sleep well. I usually get to bed around 1 or so and then am back up around 6-7 time frame. I barely function until around noon, though!!! No naps, too busy!
        I tend to be more analytical, though not as much as my kid! She’s more introverted than me, but I am more introverted in person than online.
        School seems to wipe her out for the day and she tries to enjoy the weekends, but school takes precedence and she’s a perfectionist and then some, which leaves her little time for anything but school work.
        Balance is always good!!
        Thank you.

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        • Thank you so much for sharing about yourself, blogging, and your busy daughter! I appreciate knowing more about your writing history and did not recall reading about your accident – I’m truly, sincerely sorry to learn about that. A hundred books a year is still INCREDIBLE!!
          I pray you can get more sleep in the winter months to come…
          Maybe during Christmas break, your daughter will have time for some relaxation and fun!

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  2. That’s true. Often, someone’s writings are a window to their personalities. Sometimes these personalities are hidden from the world and only visible in their work. Or this is exactly how that person is in real life too.
    This was quite a fascinating read ❤

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  3. I was just explaining to my husband this past weekend that my blog is all over the place in theme. It perfectly fits who I am. I like blogging that way, although at times I wonder if this causes people to follow or unfollow. I sometimes read over my own past blog posts suggested at the bottom of the post. I am often surprised by what I have written…and that’s a very good thing. Sometimes my past posts are a bit of a faith journal or remind me of fun projects that I’ve forgotten about and might want to do again.

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    • I think it’s really great to have that type of diversity in the writings that you do. I love that you said, “It perfectly fits who I am.” We really do have several emotions along with our life experiences, and I suppose if we lose a few readers along the way, hopefully, we still connect with other (new) ones as well. It is interesting to read past posts for sure.

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  4. “But most girls would have giggled. My girl gave me an analysis!” – that sounds a bit like me! You’ve made some excellent points, and words are incredibly powerful, as are the meanings attached and the interpretations of the receiver borne from individual beliefs/motivations/opinions. Everyone has something to say, something worth listening to or reading. You sum it up perfectly : “the diverse writings echo our lives”.x

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