Stuff Mom’s don’t want to say out loud. Sometimes we do, but many times we don’t… :)

Well, our pre-Mom lives certainly didn’t always look like the photo to the left, and our post-Mom lives certainly don’t always look like the photo to the right. But, wow, sometimes it does get crazy, right?! (Photo courtesy

Stuff Moms sometimes say out loud, but more often, we don’t:

Is this what I signed up for?

How did I ever like cooking?

Does my husband seriously think he does more than me in this house?!

Did I really like this guy when I married him?

Who am I?

I don’t like my teenager right now. I hate myself for even thinking that in a bubble thought.

I’m lonely. Yes, I know I’m NEVER alone, but I feel lonely.

I need to get out of this house!

Is anything I’m doing of value at all?

Is this kid absorbing anything of what I’m saying?!

This is freaking hard.

I thought I was more than this.

Cleaning no longer feels like “home-making”. Now I feel like I have a PhD in maid.

What happened to my wardrobe? 😦

14 thoughts on “Stuff Mom’s don’t want to say out loud. Sometimes we do, but many times we don’t… :)

  1. Thanks for making me smile. 🙂 I love the one about feeling bad for having a negative thought bubble—so true. But I remember a mom I heard interviewed on Focus on the Family say she missed her messy daughter (her daughter had died). She said she’d give anything to see the messiness again. I think of this interview on testy days. We can do this—it’s worth every sticky spot on the floors, walls, mirrors, windows … cause our kids stick to our hearts too. xo
    Blessings ~ Wendy

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  2. LOL I don’t have kids but rather a house full of cats. My pre-cat life was all about a career and saving money to turn my home into a glamor home. Post-cats and you have me pulling my hair out trying to keep this house clean, yet no matter how much I clean the house never looks it, working up to 16 hours per day, clothes? Really? ….can’t remember the last time I shopped, liking my husband? ….. pass ….., and not even able to go on a vacation, now that really sucks the big one. BUT I really am doing what I LOVE even though there is a “beware sign” (not really) on our front door that says: LOTS OF FUR. Hehehehehe …. Now that’s an idea. I should get hubby to make a sign for our front door just for laughs! God knows we need them. Tee hee …… LOVED your post!!! Can you tell?

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    • That beware sign would be appropriate with cats! I don’t have any, but I’ve had a few land on my head while visiting people! 🙂 You can only imagine how high and fast I jumped when that happened! Based on the photo you just posted, yours look like angels! And, I totally agree on the house. I’m a neat-nick, but there is ALWAYS something to clean and eventually, it feels unrewarding.

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