Christian Differences

Evangelical Christians do not usually make the sign of the cross across their body. Catholics always do. My husband and I grew up doing so until we changed churches after we were married. Recently, as we prayed over a holiday meal, the people eating at our home thought it wasn’t “right” that we don’t make the sign of the cross. I don’t mind if they do, but it bothered them that we don’t…

Someone I met does not watch the television show Modern Family because they believe that their viewership rating will add to the promotion of the acceptance of homosexuality. This same person supports a profession that requires all women to wear to short skirts and plunging necklines.

One person believes that making copies of rented or purchased DVD’s or CD’s is theft and is absolutely against God’s law. Another devoted follower of Christ burns copies of everything she can get her hands on.

Why is there so much diversity among Christians regarding right and wrong?

The answer often lies in the interpretation of God’s Word. The Ten Commandments are familiar enough, but the interpretation varies. The same holds true about the entire Bible. People – right or wrong – cultivate their own perception, or develop their own meaning or explanation of the Word. God leads our understanding. Our longevity in the faith can also affect our convictions of right and wrong, and how we interpret His Word.

Before casting judgment upon another regarding what’s “wrong”, it’s probably wise to actually read the Bible. Second, it’s just my humble opinion, but maybe we should let God speak to us individually. Conduct that feels right for someone at one point in their life, might not be okay for that exact same person after five more years following God. Sometimes it takes years for a person to mentally undo all the mistruths they believed since youth, or break their habits which were well-established prior to accepting Christ.

Obviously, I’m not supporting blatant, intentional sin here, nor am I promoting the false teaching that “all paths lead to God”. There is only one way to the Father and that is through His Son. I’m just saying that people are at different points in their spiritual walk, and as long as they are moving in the right direction, why cast profound judgment upon them, solidifying what many already think about us:  that we are intolerant?

As we walk across the landscape of life with our fellow sojourners on this planet, let’s become the light, not the dimmer switch. May we focus on our own sincere walk with Christ.

8 thoughts on “Christian Differences

  1. Right now in our history studies we’re learning about the early Catholic Church, early reformers and what led to the Bible being translated and put into every man’s hands. Before his death, John Wycliffe told his followers that some of them would make mistakes translating the Bible. He told them that was okay. Why? Because part of free agency is learning God’s word and thinking for ourselves. Great post!


  2. “let’s become the light, not the dimmer switch.” Oh, brilliant! I just may use that in the future.

    Christ called for unity; if we’re not actively seeking unity and loving our brothers and sisters, we’re not following Jesus.

    Great post.


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