Must We Really have “Drive-Thru Ash Wednesday” and “Drive-Thru Funerals”?

Dare I say that I’m officially getting old? Probably so, because although I’ve always been highly productive and not one to waste a minute of time, lately I’ve never felt more pushed from behind to speed it up.

I’m sure you can relate to at least a few of these experiences (but I’m definitely not saying YOU are old! :))

  • I was driving in a snowstorm – again – here in the Northeast this season, and as I waited patiently to turn left through oncoming traffic, (watching cars slide into snowbanks), someone behind me was beeping like crazy for me to turn…as a semi was on its way through the intersection!?
  • Just when I was trying to enjoy the beauty of October, the countdown-to-Christmas-countdown was on more than one television channel.
  • Just when I finally embraced the Christmas music that had already been playing on our local radio since the first week of November, the D.J.’s began telling us: “don’t worry all your regular favorites will be returning on December 26th”. I didn’t want to think about the holidays being over when they had just begun!
  • When I finally permitted myself to enjoy the beginnings of the TV Christmas movies, I saw a commercial advertising the countdown to Valentine’s Day.
  • But nothing blew my mind like the news report, announcing that drive-thru viewing was available at a funeral home in Michigan: 

That is one of four listed funeral homes offering this service in the U.S.. No one likes a funeral, but even at something as sad as a wake, we are strengthening relationships and showing we care.

  • Then, this past week, I was shocked again to see the drive thru Ash Wednesday services:

For those who are unable to get out of a car easily, or with medical issues, this is a great service. But, I suspect this offer was more geared toward those of us who are really busy running our lives. I’m not Catholic, but I am a Christian who believes that going into the actual church offers fellowship and community, in addition to our spiritual experience.

When I was a young mom with three children under the age of two, I received regular unsolicited advice from a variety of people including strangers in supermarkets. Most of it was useless or unwanted except this one truth:

Life goes very fast – take your time…

19 thoughts on “Must We Really have “Drive-Thru Ash Wednesday” and “Drive-Thru Funerals”?

  1. Drive through viewings – seems like there’s almost no point in doing them at all! I do wish people would make more time for relaxation and also for community – even in the church which is supposed to be the “body of Christ” it is so hard building deep relationships because people are too over-committed and time-poor.


    • This was surprising to learn about for sure! You are right that it can be increasingly difficult to develop deep relationships because of time constraints and commitments in all areas of life. We must make the time! Thanks again for writing.

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  2. Loved your perspective on slowing down and enjoying every moment. I’m not wanting to go back in time when there was no electricity or running water in our homes, but I do wish we could go back to “the day” when people enjoyed front-porch conversations with their neighbors, church potlucks…where everyone lingered longer, and so on. I’ll try not to mention the drive-thru funerals to my husband, who works part-time for a funeral home. Oh my!


    • Hahaha, yes, best not to tell him then! I’m with you about the modern conveniences. There is real connection with others when we take the time, and we are designed to be connected to each other. Thanks so much for saying hello and writing to me. I appreciate you!


  3. I can sure relate with everything you shared:-)

    By the way, I am a Catholic, and I’m not sure what I think about the “drive through Ash Wednesday.” We did not have it at our Parish. On one hand, I am with you on the community aspect…and love to attend the Mass where the ashes are distributed. On the other hand, the ashes help us to really ponder the Lenten Season and our own sacrifices and repentance…and for people who may not have the ability or choice to attend Mass, it offers them a way to stay connected with the Church.

    Blessings to you and your family:-)


    • Hi Bernadette,
      Yes, for those who struggle physically, and not to mention this brutal winter for those of us up North, it was probably popular. In our modern culture, we are so stretched filling our time, that it’s good to slow down and “ponder” as you mentioned, all that God has done – especially during lent. Thank you for the blessing and for visiting my blog! God bless your day :).


  4. Yeah, drive through church is a tough one, especially from the perspective of someone (me :)) who works full-time in ministry. We’re constantly focused on making worship and faith life approachable and accessible, yet at the end of the day being part of a community is a pretty important aspect of making it happen. It’s really a conundrum. And I agree with you 100% about the rest of life needing to slow the *bleep* down!


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