I’ve Missed YOU!!

Just like you, different seasons bring new time-zappers and before long, months have passed! Since my hiatus from this wonderful blogging community, I’ve been through as many surprises and family busy-ness as I’m sure you have. One thing we can always count on while raising families: we are involved in multiple responsibilities.

There are the usual family activities, then those that spring upon us such as unexpected surgeries and endless stretches of kids’ sports seasons get tossed into the mix. My two oldest are twins and are graduating from high school this year. There have been countless “senior” nights, “senior” photos and enough “senior” everything to demand part time job hours (times two).

I won’t detail the craziness, because you too have been there. If you aren’t into the teen years yet, don’t let anyone deceive you that somehow life slows down just because they are more independent! Whew, there is non-stop action in a family with teenagers!

Did you ever notice that it’s not always the “craziness” of family life that zaps the time? Often, it’s the mundane and the routine…the washing and peeling the fruits and vegetables, making lunches and organizing your home – all alone in the kitchen with no one to notice – wondering where in the world your years are going…?

While my own personal interests (like blogging) sometimes get pushed aside during these parenting seasons, I remind myself that I’m building a nest. Not the kind that takes less than a week for a bird to organize, but the kind that takes until they pack up for college – and well beyond.

Moms are giving, creating and enabling memories of family dinners, meaningful holidays, welcoming an endless train of friends into the living room and into our lives…

Showing up to events, being the parent who helps out and volunteers…

The one who still tucks the 18-year old into bed sometimes, because they still really do love that on many nights…

Thank you for not deleting me from your blogging community. I am so grateful that you all stuck around and keep peeking in at my blog. Many have even commented and for that, I’m especially grateful.

I look forward to reconnecting with you!

12 thoughts on “I’ve Missed YOU!!

    • Hi Emily…yes, you are fully aware of how demanding the teen years can be with your son! I was beyond impressed with your 1/20 post when I read about your son’s talent and the photo of him is spectacular. All dance-Moms I know are just as busy as we are with multiple sports. God bless you and Forrest as he pursues his dreams! Thank you for reading and commenting.


  1. Welcome back! I remember all too well how busy family life is with teenagers. Sports and activity schedules alone keep you hopping. As you’re coming back, I’m on a writing hiatus. I’m busy snuggling my new first grandbaby, cleaning, laundering, and cooking for my daughter and son-in-law. So no blogging for me right now, but I will try to keep reading posts on my blog roll.


    • Thank you so much for taking time from the exciting season that you are in to write to me! Congratulations on your first grandchild! What an enormous blessing. ❤ Your daughter and son-in-law are beyond blessed to have you supporting them and sharing their joy. Enjoy this season and thank you again for writing. I look forward to when you return to your blog, sharing all about your precious grandparenting season!

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  2. Good to have you back. It not only takes time to raise a family, but honest commitment. It sounds like you’ve given both generously to yours.


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