Eiffel Tower

This Wordless Wednesday is courtesy of my daughter who took these photos of the Eiffel Tower during her trip to Europe in July. I still have not been overseas, but I sure do enjoy looking at her photos and dream that I still might someday! Eiffel1 Eiffel2

13 thoughts on “Eiffel Tower

  1. Very pretty! My oldest daughter visited France when she was in high school. I’m like you, haven’t been out of the country except to Canada. I travel vicariously through my grown children who have been overseas many times. My husband and I keep dreaming someday! 🙂


    • How is it that our children go but we haven’t?!! I hope you and your husband will be able to tour Europe sometime in the near future. Like you, Canada is my only claim “out of the country”! 🙂


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