How Do I Know That Last Winter Was a Long One? 7 Things That Don’t Really Bother Me This Summer

I can tell that last winter was brutal (and it still lingers in the back of my mind) because my summer thoughts and behaviors are a bit different than in previous years!

7 things that don’t really bother me this summer that usually annoy me by mid-August:

1. The humidity. I have repeatedly turned off the central A/C this summer just to let the humidity sink into the house. The. Heat. Feels. Good.

2. The house flies. I’ll admit I’ve yelled for those “vermin” to get off my food, but I’m not hunting them down with newspaper!

3. The birds chirping at the crack of dawn. Too many of last winter’s mornings were pitch black until 8am. I love the birds chirping at the first streak of the dawn’s light!



4. The endless clumps of grass on the hallway floors, falling off of my husband’s sneakers after he mows the lawn!

5. The pool water puddles across the doorway and kitchen floor as kids are en route to the bathroom after leaving the swimming pool!

6. The mountain of wet pool towels piled up nightly in my mudroom.

7. The doors left open by the kids when the A/C is on! The summer air is wonderful….

And, a few things that DO bother me that never usually do?

1. The first sign of autumn: I usually appreciate the sight of the very first red leaf appearing on my front bushes. I think of how I will decorate the porch for autumn…This year, I do not feel appreciative of that leaf at all but I did take a picture for you:

2. Rainy days and cooler nights. We’ve had a recent stretch of both. Normally, I view such days as a good opportunity to catch up with the inside chores. This summer, I walk out to the porch and watch the rain.

3. Back to school shopping. By now, the kids’ backpacks are usually packed, folders and binders are labeled and clothes are purchased. I just can’t bear the thought of summer ending :(. This year, I have not bought a single supply, nor the much-needed new sneakers. I have two more weeks…

4. Earlier sunsets. Last summer, I would have decided it was about time to get to bed earlier and start rising earlier.






This year, the sun setting a tiny bit earlier each night is a vivid reminder that I cannot escape what is on its way…

Enjoy The Remainder of Summer!!

“For everything there is a season…”

22 thoughts on “How Do I Know That Last Winter Was a Long One? 7 Things That Don’t Really Bother Me This Summer

  1. I really enjoyed this post because I can most definitely relate. Summer in Atlanta is usually crazy hot. Not so much this year. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t just a tad concerned after Snowmaggedon. They even added days back to our abbreviated school year. hmmm….

    Enjoy your two weeks! 🙂


  2. I am not ready for summer to end and school to begin either. The stress of high school is so much greater today than it was when I was there. I hate it for my kids. Although I love to see my kids strive and thrive through their accomplishments, during the summer I enjoy more laughter and downtime. Soooo not ready to give that up. But … based on “stuff” … it’s evident that we all need routine again. *sigh* Thanks for sharing this story. Brightened my evening!


    • This year, I’m especially not ready to give up the ease of summer days either. But, falling back into routine and constant activity is inevitable soon! Thank you again for reading and commenting. I appreciate your connection!

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  3. Well, you must be in my ideal climate then. You will laugh when I tell you that, being raised in NY area, I love cold weather, but also love having four seasons. Here in Southern California, we now have two if you are lucky. One long hot dry summer that lasts from April to November and then a few mild months with a rainy day maybe once or twice a month. Not my ideal environment. But I did spend four years in Upstate NY with lake-effect snow, so I can appreciate that it does become tedious. Enjoyable post. Flip each statement, and it could apply to us here. 🙂


    • Haha! Yes, I guess you could flip each one for your weather! Southern California is very beautiful and it’s great that you also know life in the cold…It’s a wonderful adventure to live in different places (I have not, so I’m especially happy for you!). Thank you for the comment :).


  4. Actually, I enjoyed the colder winter last year, but then again I live in Louisiana’s Cajun Country down along the Gulf Coast. We normally never see ice or snow. Last year we had 5 snowy days … oh, my kids were so elated! So while I can empathize with your feelings for less winter and more summer, I personally am eagerly anticipating the lower temps, less humidity and shorter days fall will surely bring.


  5. Oh yeah….I definitely feel what you’re saying. 🙂 Love summer. Enjoyed your post. Lisa


  6. I think we avoided most of last winter’s misery, and the tornado season has been a bit better—I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer, and that winter isn’t too awful.


  7. I’m happy for you; however, I get giddy about winter coming! Granted: It was a hard winter last year; and I think it’s going to be a rough one again.


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