Will Increased Thanks = More Joy?

That is the question I look forward to researching myself over the next several months. I have recently returned from a 12-day spring break vacation/college touring experience with my family, and during that time, I read One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. I know I’m late getting to the party, as this book was on the New York Times bestseller list for a crazy long 60-weeks, and it just hit one million copies sold. This was not a book I received from Booksneeze, but one of two I picked up independently to read while away.

If you’ve read my bio, you know that I’m a true non-fiction reader. If I’m needing “escape”, I’ll turn on the television. Therefore, after I had finished the book, I was surprised to read that the criticisms of One Thousand Gifts have centered upon Voskamp’s ‘poetic voice’, ‘too many metaphors’ and ‘long descriptions’. Usually, you’ll find this type of writing in novels and I’m the first to close the book. I’m impatient with all the flowery-stuff and just want information. So, I wondered how I could have fallen so head over heels for this treasure that I’m presently re-reading.

As I turned the final pages of One Thousand Gifts, I leaned back into the chair I was in at my father-in-law’s place in Florida, and had two immediate thoughts:

1) Do I even know Him? I was overwhelmed by Voskamp’s willingness to pursue God at the depth she does.
2) I too began searching for God in the endless, seemingly small things as I hadn’t before. I was practicing eucharisteo at a baby-level and didn’t begin writing anything down until last week.

I don’t know if my new decision to record 1000 gratitudes on paper will elicit the same joy, adventure and peace as it did for Ann Voskamp. I hope it will, because like her, “I am a woman who speaks but one language, the language of the fall – discontentment and self-condemnation, the critical eye and the never satisfied.” (Page 46).

I wouldn’t classify myself as a gloomy person by any stretch, but I can definitely lean toward the serious, joke that I’m humor-challenged (thank God my kids have a well-developed sense of humor!), and often believe that I should be experiencing more joy. Without a doubt, I have been ungrateful for what I do have, often laser-focusing on what I ‘should have’ but don’t. This is not pressed upon me by anyone. I “self-condemn” all on my own. I usually see a better way of doing many things, and while that “critical eye” is valuable in my professional work, on a personal level, it simply increases the “never-satisfied”. After reading One Thousand Gifts, I’m fairly confident that my discontentment is attached to my ingratitude.

Although my daily life is strikingly dissimilar to Ann Voskamp’s, there are threads of sameness that all of us as parents feel – the routine; the often mundane; the wish for more joy but the inability to capture it while immersed in the time consuming family responsibilities. Throughout this past week, I have (coincidentally?) come across no less than four other affirmations that this relationship is real between thankfulness and contentment.

Beyond the search for thankfulness in everything – even the “hard eucharisteo”, Ann openly shares the journey of her deepening faith over the months numbering gratitudes. She reveals the slow overcoming of a painful childhood, and confusing and self-condemning young adult life. Immediately in Chapter 1 she acknowledges believing the same lies we often do:

“..that God withholds good from His children, that God does not genuinely, fully, love us.”

“…(that we are) discontented with what He’s given…I have desired more.”

“If He truly, deeply loves me, why does He withhold…”

She is also generous to show us that the daily challenges remain, despite the new found joy in thanksgiving. The daily challenges are now viewed in the light of gratitude.

With my newly begun list sitting at a mere 33, I confess that I’m enjoying the “chase” as Ann calls the hunt for gratitudes. I also don’t need much prodding to write in fresh notebooks, like most other writers/bloggers reading this post! If you’ve read One Thousand Gifts, I welcome all of your thoughts about the book.

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16 thoughts on “Will Increased Thanks = More Joy?

  1. Now I want to read One Thousand Gifts too! Thank you for that. I’m going out on a limb here…I have just published a book My Precious Life, A Memoir. It’s available online at Amazon.com as an ebook as well as hard and soft cover. I would love your thoughts on it if you are looking for an easy and inspiring read. My name is Patricia Ann Boyes and it is my first book. Also, I am posting a poem for you and other moms on my blog tomorrow. I think I commented that elsewhere on your blog. And now I’m off to dreamland…zzzz.


      • I bought a sign from red letter words with eucharisteo on it…in our garage entry way…giving thanks always


        • Hi Jennifer and thank you for letting me know about your experience reading the book. I don’t see a 2009 archive on your blog for when you mention blogging your gifts. I would love to read through it. I am also grateful that you mentioned the availability of an eucharisteo sign! I’m going to log on to red letter words.
          This book has been a beautiful surprise to me, and I love numbering my gifts. I am re-reading the book presently and it continues to sincerely bless me! Thanks again for your comment!


  2. I’ve had this book sitting in my Kindle carousel for a long time! I’d forgotten all about it. But now I’m eager to start reading it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.


  3. Thank you for telling me of this book. I shall read it. As I am a true non-fiction reader as well I’m glad you pointed this out. I think I know the answer to the book but won’t comment until after I’ve read it. Thank you for pointing it out. Enjoy your weekend!!!!


    • I can’t seem to finish the other vacation book I bought because I’m completely attached to re-reading One Thousand Gifts! I look forward to your thoughts after you read it. Thanks for your comment today! 🙂


      • This book really changed my life in 2009…I started blogging my 1000 gifts. It will change you as yoj have all ready seen and felt the body of Christ through gifts of grace.


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