Are You Tired of Wearing Boots Too?

With half the country experiencing the wintriest winter in years, I know I’m not alone when I say, “I’m tired of wearing boots!”

I admit that by early October, I look forward to putting on pretty scarves, cable-knit sweaters and cute boots. It’s fun! I can wear them… or not. This year, such apparel is a necessity. The three-inch “cute” high black boots have been shoved into the back of the closet because I need the Lands’ End thermal protection (not to mention, a bad ankle in high boots on snow and ice is bound to land me on America’s Funniest Videos when I hit the pavement).

The coat I usually wear twice a season for some outdoor winter event has become my every-day coat. When little kids are packed like sausages into their snow suits, they look adorable. When a grown woman with a little too much belly is zipped into a puffy coat, then locked into a seat belt…not so adorable!

Yesterday, my husband was traveling to Pennsylvania from our already-frigid home in New York, when he texted me this: Here in New York the sun actually came out for a short spell this week. While my car only registered a whopping 16 degrees F, I was driving on dry pavement for the first time in months! Sun and dry pavement? This was reason to celebrate! Just as I was taking in a deep breath of gratitude and feeling the warmth through the windshield, I was certain a meteor smashed into my vehicle. Yep, you guessed it – I hit a massive pot hole! Well, as the saying goes in the Northeast, we get two seasons: winter and road construction.

This is the kind of weather where:

  • Every morning your scratchy throat and stuffy nose makes you think you have a cold. You don’t. It’s just COLD.
  • You use a humidifier at night or age five years by morning.
  • You should be using all of those delicious body butters you received for Christmas, but stepping out of the shower, all you really want to do is tie up your wet hair and get into that thick bathrobe as fast as possible.
  • Your son’s hockey rink which is normally COLD is now 20 degrees COLDER.
  • Your husband not only loudly encourages everyone to “turn off the lights!” but now adds “lower the heat!!” while mumbling, “what will that gas bill look like next month?” 🙂
  • You feel like a caged animal having to be indoors all the time, but the thought of going outdoors makes you instead reach for a bag of chips and plop on the couch.
  • You feel less guilty watching hours of the Olympics on television.
  • Watching Home and Family (California) feels like viewing re-runs from July instead of a brand new show filmed just this morning!
  • You are certain you’re living inside the most beautiful glittery Christmas card you’ve ever seen when you look through the snow covered windows. White slivers gently falling to the already sparkling pristine ground are mesmerizing.
  • The beauty out your windows is breathtaking. Leaving the house without a scarf on will take your breath away.

4 thoughts on “Are You Tired of Wearing Boots Too?

  1. I can identify completely! I am ready for this Winter to pass into Spring! We can still wear pretty Spring scarves!! 🙂


  2. I laughed out loud at “You use a humidifier at night or age five years by morning”! So true! We’re in a very similar situation here in N. IL and I have to admit, I am over, over, over this winter.


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