Prayer at the Pole and Courageous Teens



Today is national See You at the Pole Day, where students, faculty, staff, and parents are welcome to meet and pray around their school flag pole.  Our family attended at 7am EST this morning and I’m confident that praying out loud in our small circle will be the most important thing I will have done with my day.

Unlike past years when I’ve held hands with my children, their friends, and teachers at our public school, today felt different.  Although our schools are in a very lovely, exceptionally safe suburb, safety was on the mind of more than a few. With the escalating violence against Christians, some kids wondered about their safety standing in the open public, outdoors, in the view of all.

Any public expression of faith for a teenager often heightens their anxiety.  Publicly standing for God in an increasingly unpredictable world where good is too often rewarded with evil, takes COURAGE.

I praise our Father this morning for the courageous teens who – whether dragged out of their beds early by their parents this morning – or by their own free willingness to attend, boldly stood for Jesus. Who, by their very physical presence in simply “showing up” spoke louder than any words could to their fellow classmates.

Our gathering was small this morning, but mighty in His Name.