Downside Up

The essential theme of Downside Up by Tracey Mitchell is to deeply believe in our personal value despite varying forms of rejection.  Although we all experience rejection at some point, Mitchell determines for her readers to “not revisit the pain of rejection”.  Instead, she reminds us that “you are worthy of relationships where you feel loved, treasured and appreciated.”   

Mitchell covers relationships and a host of other practical, real-life examples where rejection can gain a strong hold on your mind and negatively affect your future.  She emphasizes being “selective in what you hear and speak.” Words are indeed powerful, and we should be cautious about who we listen to.

The book’s greatest strength is its foundation upon biblical truth.  If we strive to see ourselves as God sees us, we will be overcomers when faced with rejection.  This does not come naturally and requires “self-talk” that reflects His love and absolute truth. The end of each chapter contains Chapter Principles, Words of Wisdom, a Power Quote and Plan of Action.  These are worthwhile sections to read and meditate upon.

In summary, I’m not sure that the title of the book effectively previews the contents.  The writing is much more than “transforming rejection into your golden opportunity”. That tag almost sounds like a business proposal.  Instead, it’s a deeply meaningful read about a regular renewing of our minds, living life intentionally and growing in self-acceptance.  Mitchell shows us that if we practice her suggestions, our lives will be richer and more satisfying as a result. Thanks to BookSneeze for providing me with a copy of this text in exchange for my honest review.