Post Updates

For those who have been following this still-beginner blogger  …   THANK YOU! 🙂  It remains a hodge-podge of my current life experiences, but I hope it will eventually evolve into something more thematic!

Here are a few updates to previous posts.  If you read…IMG_1567

Why I Started Blogging: I’m happy to report that I’m out of the huge boot, and using an ankle brace.  Dr. says any shoes – even flats – are a no-no for another 4 months.  I’m thinking about bedazzling my sneakers.  Now that summer has settled in, “loneliness” is eased with the kids home, and I will apply again for new job opportunities in August.

I Didn’t Get the Job:  2 weeks after that post, the college called to offer me a different job!  They selected the other candidate for the original position stating I was overqualified, and immediately offered me a higher-paying, administrative opportunity.  I was grateful to learn why they went with the other person  originally and sincerely flattered to receive the new offer.  As you read, I still had to gratefully decline.

My Empty-Bucket List: I’m happy to say that I’ve started it, and hope to post about it someday!  There are some wonderful blogs I’m reading for inspiration.  Starting the list has been fun! Now I know why it’s a favorite activity for my students!

The Teen Boys Sleepover:  A few have returned for summer night sleepovers.  Dreadful for them, but they have seen me without makeup and in a messy ponytail. Yikes, but I’m hoping that my new official ranking is “nice mom”!

Choose My Battles?  I think I’ve momentarily lost my patience twice, but overall, I’m still committed.  Being home full-time this summer with 3 teens makes me feel like this is GREAT progress.  Intentional encouragement has made a positive difference!

My Mid-40s Identity Crisis: is now less of a crisis and more of an acceptance. Since the posting of that article, I’ve had interviews, a great job offer, and accepted that I’m still in the same place for a reason. While I’d like to be engaged in something bigger than myself and widen my seemingly ‘small’ life… I know that my timing is never His, and when it’s time for me to do something different, He’ll let me know.