There ARE Honest People Out There!



My girls and I took a road trip to see the extraordinarily talented and kind  Taylor Swift in Philadelphia last weekend.  After a 2-hour rain delay, we were wowed by her excellent performance.  Since my son and husband often travel for hockey, we called this our “hockey weekend”.

After a day and a half of sight-seeing, my girls were ready for the big concert.  My 16-year old daughter saw Taylor Swift in Toronto a month ago, but my 14-year old had never been to a concert like this, so she was off the wall with excitement.  She was sure that her carefully designed poster would be spotted by Taylor Swift and that she would indeed meet her that very night ;).

We arrived 3 hours before the doors opened, and ate dinner at NBC Sports Arena, where they lowered the volume of the Phillies game to blast a Taylor Swift song – and my girls went crazy!  My 14-year old bought two shirts with her own saved money and clutched that pretty bag like it was Taylor herself.  Looking forward to the concert put her on top of the world.  Just before the lights went down she said, “just think, we are sharing the same air with Taylor Swift right now!”

After the long road trip and the endless anticipation due to rain, Taylor was finally about to appear on stage when I began picking up the bags so they didn’t get soaked on the wet pavement.  I didn’t see my youngest daughter’s Swift bag (full of more than the tee-shirts) so I asked her where it was.  She frantically looked around.  Somewhere in the rain delay, we lost the bag containing $90 worth of Swift merchandise, her wallet with $88 in cash, her purse filled with “notes from Mama”, her souvenir Walt Disney World hotel card and other belongings.  If you knew my daughter, you’d know that the cash she’d saved for months was the last thing she cared about losing.  Everything else had great sentimental value.

As the lights dimmed and Taylor Swift took the stage, my baby girl had tears running down her cheeks (and sadly, it wasn’t from seeing Taylor).  She had waited for this moment all summer, and the moment was robbed.

I immediately left the seats, told the girls to stay, and searched for the missing bag.  I left my name and number with Lost and Found.

As the first song ended, no smile was on her face, she wiped her cheeks repeatedly, and her eyes stared at me wide.  Unable to stand the concern in her face, I firmly yelled over the crowd, “everything in that bag is replaceable.  You cannot replace this night seeing Taylor Swift – please enjoy this.”

She recovered as best she could and did dance and sing under her big, RED, cowgirl hat, but I knew there was a cloud over her night.  I snuck out from my seat again to buy the missing tee shirts as replacements… I got one, but the other was sold out.  Back at the hotel she confided that she didn’t feel as happy as she should have at the concert.  Then, she voiced worry about “bad guys” who may have her bag finding out where she lived!

All of Sunday and back in our home state on Monday morning, I called the Lost and Found at the Lincoln Financial Field.  I was praying, even if the cash was missing, the rest would be returned.

Monday morning my daughter came down the stairs with her curly, long hair a mess, her eyes sleepy, holding up a book.  She pointed to a scripture that promised that God would “provide” her missing bag.  I was in awe of her faith, knowing that the chances of that bag full of goodies being returned was slim.

The title tells the end of this story, and Lincoln Financial Field called back  confirming that everything was safely in their office.  Though unknown to me, I blessed over the person that turned it in, incredibly grateful.  I’m thankful that there are still honest people in our often corrupt world. I also gave a shout out to Lincoln Financial Field on TripAdvisor for their kindness in shipping the bag to us within 2 days.

As I always try to do, I’ll be paying it forward… 🙂