Tummy Tuesday! Pretty Punch

Punch CupIngredients:

3 large oranges

1 lemon

1 cold 2-Liter bottle Raspberry Gingerale

1 cold 2-Liter bottle Gingerale

1 cold 2-Liter bottle Cherry 7-Up

1 12 oz. bottle grenadine syrup

2 cups no-pulp orange juice

1/2 gallon rainbow sherbet

2 cups ice cubes


Cut oranges and lemon into thick slices. Place in ziplock storage bags and freeze for 3 or more hours. 

Mix sodas, orange juice and grenadine in large punch bowl.  Add scoops of sherbet until all of it is in the punch bowl.  Add ice cubes as desired. Gently stir.

Place frozen fruit on top just prior to serving.  This recipe makes a large bowl of punch.  Providing approximately 30 servings.

Variations:  I have used 24 oz. of grenadine to make it sweeter and a darker pink. I have used frozen berries along with frozen oranges and lemon.  If you have an ice ring, prepare it and place in the punch in lieu of the ice cubes.  As guests begin to drink down the punch, I add additional raspberry soda and sherbet to keep it fresh.  I usually place the bottles of soda in the freezer for 15 minutes before pouring into the punch bowl.  Just don’t forget about them!!